productOps is located in Santa Cruz, California, a small city less than an hour from the heart of Silicon Valley. Santa Cruz is the home of Plantronics, Fullpower and a host of thriving smaller tech companies. Our employees are a mix of veteran developers who bring real-world experience from some of the most well-known Silicon Valley companies, and recent graduates of the excellent UC Santa Cruz computer science department.


Behind the Scenes Heroes

In 1990, Bob Cagle co-founded Thuridion in his extra bedroom. Not long after, he hired Dean Pfutzenreuter as a key developer and Dean went on to lead the development of over 60 software projects for Thuridion clients ranging from Symantec, Microsoft, Barracuda Networks and American Express.


Ahead of Their Time

With the aid of an incredible development team, Bob and Dean built CREW, a web based email, calendar, contacts, and file sharing application – at the time of Netscape’s launch. The first Internet groupware product, it incorporated key features over a decade before Google Calendar, LinkedIn and Dropbox rolled them out.


Email Innovators

Bob and Dean cofounded Open Field Software and created Ella for Outlook, a super-accurate learning-based email classification and anti-spam product that leveraged artificial intelligence software developed for the Department of Defense.


Operations Gurus

In 2006 Bob was hired to build a product engineering team at Krugle, a VC-funded source code search engine for development teams. It didn't take long for Dean to join him, and together they helped Krugle crawl and index all of the known open source repositories, serve the results up for free, and build a search appliance for enterprise source code search.


productOps Founders

Bob and Dean launched productOps in 2008, a less than perfect time in which to start a technology company. They and their team persevered. Projects for the Symbian Foundation, Condé Nast, Garratt-Callahan, and Alcatel-Lucent accelerated the company's growth, and now productOps serves funded startups and enterprises in building world class products and companies.

The Management Team.

Bob Cagle

Bob Cagle


Bob's 22 years of experience in the trenches have not blunted his natural exuberance and optimism. Bob thinks better near a whiteboard, is a wizard with Excel, and believes there is an entrepreneur in everyone.

Dean Pfutzenreuter

Dean Pfutzenreuter


For over two decades, Dean has delivered software products large and small for desktop computers, Internet infrastructure, mobile devices, and the Web. He is known for his unflappability, iron determination to ship the product, and his easygoing nature.

Frank Humphries

Frank Humphries

VP Marketing & Strategy

Frank joined productOps in 2008 with over 20 years of enterprise management experience at companies ranging from HP to a boutique financial services management firm. His patience, persistent approach and thoughtful analysis prove extremely valuable in helping clients with strategy.

Paul Iverson

Paul Iverson

VP Product Delivery

For over two decades Paul has brought his intellect and determination to bear on complex software projects large and small. Working as a change agent inside Bell Labs, AT&T, and Alcatel-Lucent, he helped push these organizations to embrace leaner, more efficient development processes. Paul holds an M.S. in Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Mathematics.

  • “productOps helps you deliver something better than you thought it could be because they bring intelligence, experience, savvy, passion and a questioning nature.”

    Megan Alink


  • “productOps simply dealt with every complexity we threw at them. I never had to worry about it – they just got it done the way we wanted.”

    Bernie Davis

    Director, Business Development, Condé Nast

  • “We originally engaged productOps as a developer shop, but quickly realized they could make a much larger strategic contribution. The speed with which they were able to develop deep domain expertise was quite amazing.”

    Jim Gamlen

    VP & Technical Director, Garratt-Callahan Company

  • “I wouldn't use anyone else. Every time I've needed something done in a pinch and I need the best people on it, I just go to productOps.”

    Laura Merling

    SVP Application Enablement, Alcatel-Lucent

  • “This was a major endeavor. productOps simply got it done – 100% delivery.”

    Yves de Montcheuil

    VP of Marketing, Talend

  • “The productOps team has impressed us on so many levels. They focus like a laser beam on demonstrable outcomes. They are tireless, and they balance long-term thinking with short-term action. Since they came aboard to help us with strategy, the benefits to us have been nothing short of astounding.”

    Herbie Winsted

    Director of Business Development, Semifore