While it can be tempting to lump clients together by industry or size, doing so would be a disservice to them and to us. Businesses have unique needs, and a business that needed one thing today might need something different tomorrow. One of our most important jobs at the beginning of a project is to understand what business goals are driving the project. The more we know about those goals, the easier it is for us to distill them to a project strategy.



After discovery, we work with each client to articulate a crisp, unambiguous, objective threshold for success. If the goals are broad business imperatives, the strategy is a tight target that drives development. This is tremendously important because it builds trust. Nothing is hidden, everyone knows the target, and any subjective questions about how to proceed are evaluated against it.


When we say, "It's not about the code," we mean that while quality of code is tremendously important, that only matters if the final deliverable works as it should and meets client goals. While the needs of the project determine the tools used and the form of the finished product, we employ certain core principles regardless of the technology or the project. These are the result of years of experience and a relentless focus on delivery.

  • Build it NowBuild it Now

    Surprises in software development are seldom a good thing. We employ agile methods that help us avoid surprises. By producing working code early and exposing it to clients throughout the development cycle, we can make corrections or implement changes more flexibly.
  • Build for ServicesBuild for Services

    We look at every project through the lens of APIs. Application Programming Interfaces allow functionality to be passed from one internal or external application to another seamlessly, rapidly, and securely. Our deep experience building highly-scalable API tools gives our clients access to the same technology used by the largest network providers in the world.
  • Build to DeployBuild to Deploy

    Declaring a software product ready for release before it has been tested in the production environment is asking for trouble. We don't like trouble, so we build, test, and deploy from the same cloud-hosted environment. This gives us more time to identify and address the details before product launch.
  • “productOps helps you deliver something better than you thought it could be because they bring intelligence, experience, savvy, passion and a questioning nature.”

    Megan Alink


  • “productOps simply dealt with every complexity we threw at them. I never had to worry about it – they just got it done the way we wanted.”

    Bernie Davis

    Director, Business Development, Condé Nast

  • “We originally engaged productOps as a developer shop, but quickly realized they could make a much larger strategic contribution. The speed with which they were able to develop deep domain expertise was quite amazing.”

    Jim Gamlen

    VP & Technical Director, Garratt-Callahan Company

  • “I wouldn't use anyone else. Every time I've needed something done in a pinch and I need the best people on it, I just go to productOps.”

    Laura Merling

    SVP Application Enablement, Alcatel-Lucent

  • “This was a major endeavor. productOps simply got it done – 100% delivery.”

    Yves de Montcheuil

    VP of Marketing, Talend

  • “The productOps team has impressed us on so many levels. They focus like a laser beam on demonstrable outcomes. They are tireless, and they balance long-term thinking with short-term action. Since they came aboard to help us with strategy, the benefits to us have been nothing short of astounding.”

    Herbie Winsted

    Director of Business Development, Semifore