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  • Leverage Our Experience

    Our expert team tailors data solutions to your specific needs, integrating smoothly with your CRM and financial/visualization tools.

  • The Right Tools

    Our data platform was developed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and get you up and running quickly.

  • Rooted in the Cloud

    As a trusted AWS Cloud Consulting Partner, we build solutions that are easy to maintain, scalable, and highly secure.

Part of Your World

At productOps, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals, embedding ourselves in their every day operations to understand what makes their business tick.

We are a team of advisors, strategists, engineers, and designers who prioritize people. Our belief is that success stems from collaboration, therefore, we emphasize personal relationships and are committed to making ethical decisions.

We inspire our clients to be:

  • Better decision makers
  • Operationally efficient
  • Market leaders

Let's Create The Right Data Solution

We are a trusted partner in the sectors of Education, Sustainability, Grant Management, Energy and beyond. Our data platform has been tailored for solutions that have served millions of students, managed billions of dollars, and moved petabytes of data.

We provide a full suite of data management services from strategic planning through data preparation, transformation, and visualization, operationalized on our secure data platform.

Case Studies

The Nature Conservancy

Case study

Harnessing Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence for Enhanced Fisheries Management

Collaborating with industry partners, we developed an innovative edge computing and AI solution with the potential to transform electronic monitoring in fisheries, delivering near real-time assessments of fishing activity and advancing sustainable fisheries management.

California Community Colleges

Case study

California Community Colleges NOVA Fund Management

California’s network of 115 Community Colleges (CCC) is the largest system of higher education in the nation with more than 2.1M active students at any one time. In 2016 productOps partnered with the CCC State Chancellor’s Office to help them realize their vision of a cutting-edge grant management platform that would standardize their systems across all campuses. This project enabled them to quickly and accurately tie dollars invested to specific student outcomes and as such, NOVA has become the gold standard of a project that delivers exactly this.

Global Aerospace Company

Case study

Real-Time Data Monitoring

A Fortune 50 company came to us needing an enterprise-wide, real-time data platform. A system that could both secure and support access to highly controlled commercial and military flight data. They had hundreds of data sources with hundreds of thousands of tables and data types and a need to ingest up to a petabyte of data a day. We broke these challenges down to develop a solution that was ideal for the client

productOps helps you deliver something better than you thought it could be because they bring intelligence, experience, savvy, passion, and a questioning nature


Services - We turn your data into insights and value

From ingest through transformation, storage and visualization, our solutions convert data to information - and information into decision making insights.

  • Integrated Data Management
    We can help you define your challenges and devise a comprehensive approach to managing your data in a modern, secure fashion. Streamlining data management means increased availability, security and peace of mind which leads to better insights and better decisions.
  • Thorough Design & Architecture
    We use our expert knowledge to build the data platforms that are right for your organization, empowering your executives to experiment, make informed data-driven decisions, and quickly move forward.
  • Foster a Data Culture
    Once you’re up and running, we can help you adjust to changing needs based on new goals and the shifting business environment. We work with executives and teams to create an internal data-centric culture that serves the organization into the future.
  • Define, Cleanse, Normalize, Manage & Monitor
    With proper stewardship, we ensure data integrity and provide trusted insights through effective visualization. Our expertise can aid you in gathering data from diverse sources, eliminating redundancies, normalizing, and efficiently warehousing it.
  • Standardize Metrics & KPIs
    We can help you devise a robust strategy, reach internal consensus on meaningful KPIs or OKRs, and operationalize your data.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions
    Whether you’re looking to grow your bottom line, increase transparency, or improve operational efficiency, we can help you turn your data into a valuable asset.

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