A Strategy-First Technical Partner

Founded in 2008, productOps, Inc. advises a broad spectrum of organizations in industries including sustainability, higher education, publishing, finance, aeronautics, transportation, leisure, and energy. We develop practical data strategies and can implement operational solutions at scale.

Partnering with a diverse range of clients allows productOps to leverage knowledge and experience across multiple industries to improve data solutions for every client. Our team is experienced and ready to integrate an extensible data platform solution to retain and exploit valuable data so your team can operationalize valuable solutions at scale.

We build long-term relationships with leaders and their organizations, understanding their needs and culture so we can serve as a trustworthy advisor. Together, we deal with complex data-intensive technology challenges that must consider factors such as economics, politics, social responsibility, and other constraints. We focus on helping clients identify and prioritize appropriate options to improve data-driven decision-making to drive behavior change across countries, ecosystems, or organizations with diverse needs.

productOps puts people first. We are deeply committed to helping organizations achieve their missions by leading with data strategy development and following with implementation when it makes sense. We do this by empowering our clients to get traction and gain momentum so they can make measurable progress on their most difficult initiatives, no-fail goals, and critical challenges.


Deep Expertise From Broad Experience

productOps serves in several roles for our clients, including a trusted advisor or consultant, a Chief Data Officer in residence, and a data-savvy technical implementation partner. Our expertise is based on decades of hands-on experience, and we rely on both for navigating the nuances of developing pragmatic and strategic solutions rather than academic and solely technical ones.

Our competitive edge over other strategy firms that focus on data solutions is productOps’ hard-won insights embodied in our doctrine, The productOps Way with Data. We leverage the insights we’ve gained from implementing complex solutions across industries. They give us a unique perspective on what works and what doesn’t.


The Crux of the Matter

productOps shines when faced with particularly complex challenges. These engagements are characterized by thorny and data-intensive technology issues further complicated by non-technical factors such as social, political, organizational, etc., considerations and the need for more data and knowledge about what decisions can be made and, at times, the requirement to work with other experts or consultants.

We are quick to understand, quick to explore unconventional approaches, and quick to workshop potential solutions to get to a sustainable resolution. Our data strategies provide clients with the clarity necessary to identify what they may need, how to acquire and process that data and pinpoint what kinds of data-driven decisions may be possible. Once the data strategy and priorities are agreed upon, productOps can partner with clients to drive proof-of-concept development and/or Agile technical implementations of the solution to get results fast.