Case Study - California Community Colleges NOVA Fund Management

California’s network of 115 Community Colleges (CCC) is the largest system of higher education in the nation with more than 2.1M active students at any one time. In 2016 productOps partnered with the CCC State Chancellor’s Office to help them realize their vision of a cutting-edge grant management platform that would standardize their systems across all campuses. This project enabled them to quickly and accurately tie dollars invested to specific student outcomes and as such, NOVA has become the gold standard of a project that delivers exactly this.

California Community Colleges
Strategy, Web development, CMS, Reporting

What They Needed

The Chancellor’s office needed a statewide system that would streamline their annual grant issuance, review, and fulfillment process while offering data insights that enabled the state to align college programmatic offerings with local workforce development needs.

The solution needed to be accessible, transparent, robust, and scalable as college enrollments fluctuated and additional funding programs were added. It was critical that the State Chancellor be able to direct and re-direct scarce resources to programs that maximize the investments being made.

The Solution

The solution was clear but getting there was anything but. The story of NOVA is not a technology story. It’s a people story. Transforming highly political and heavily siloed organizations is art more than science. Over the course of four years, productOps quietly built the underlying NOVA software platform one component at a time while never losing sight of the CCC's vision.

A Unified Platform

The end result is a unified platform that has been rapidly adopted system-wide. NOVA has maximized the state’s investments through more efficient and relevant program creation, better utilization of resources, and enhanced data management across the entire CCC system. All of this in a platform that is intuitive to operate and loved by the same people who were originally afraid that the platform would replace them. Instead, NOVA has freed them from mundane administrative tasks so they can better fulfill the CCC mission.

  • Frontend (Angular)
  • Custom CMS
  • SEO
  • Infrastructure
  • Reporting

Working with productOps, we felt more like a partner than a customer. They really resonated with our mission.

Rock Pfotenhauer
California Community Colleges
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