What we do - Sustainability

By aggregating key data elements into a well designed business model and a securely governed data platform, sustainability managers can begin to make informed decisions, create change, and be better stewards. Many complex systems such as global fisheries or energy production are unsustainable by nature and due to scale. In order to create change and better manage complex systems, we need to better understand the data surrounding them.

Our Value

Improving sustainability relies on partnerships, not just projects. Our sustainability work comes from trusted partnerships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), domain experts, and solutions providers. First and foremost, we serve as an independent advisor; this is the cornerstone of all our projects, in both strategy and engineering.

Data Strategy

  • Strategic Planning - for longevity
  • Expertise in Multiple Industries - reaching beyond sustainability
  • Neutrality - objective viewpoints with multiple stakeholders
  • Translation - between sustainability and technology business needs

Fisheries Data Strategy & Management

Working with industry partners, consult and assist in the development of an international program to demonstrate the delivery of an efficient Electronic Monitoring (EM) program in commercial fisheries at scale.

Additionally, develop a Data Platform and data management system to facilitate the transfer, storage, governance, and reporting of EM data.

  • Development and design of an efficient EM program delivery at scale
  • Identifying and communicating value and incentives in the program for all stakeholders
  • Building of a custom and centralized data platform built to house data from hundreds of vessels, multiple supply chain partners, EM providers, and analysts
  • Stewardship and governance of all program data
  • Ensuring both the program and data structures are built with future use cases and technology in mind


  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Key Traceability
  • CEA consulting
  • Seafood Supply Chain Buyers
  • Fishery Electronic Monitoring Partners

Sustainable Spaces

Helping cities and local governments improve their management and sustainability efforts while ensuring equitable access to services. As part of this initiative we worked with a U.S. mobility company introducing e-scooters to European cities. Our expertise in data management allowed us to create a secure data platform for the operation, rental, and maintenance of their fleet.

We have also developed and consulted on several trail management applications and an urban noise monitoring system feeding data to officials to take action on events such as noise violations.

  • Real-time data monitoring and decision making
  • Automation of IoT devices
  • Management of AI data and operation
  • Data driven decision making consulting


  • Inboard
  • Particle.io
  • AlwaysAI
  • Vantiq

Decision Making on the Edge

While this phase often starts during delivery, the monitoring and analytics phase is critical to the success of any project. We work with our clients to determine KPIs. Using measuring tools, reports, analytics, software and monitoring infrastructure we gather feedback to assure we've exceeded expectations.

This phase is your assurance of sustained success, as we continuously optimize and adjust strategies based on solid data. Get ready to witness the tangible impact of your decisions and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your project is not just complete but is continually evolving and improving with productOps.


  • The Nature Conservancy
  • AWS
  • Others

Conservation & Government Sustainability Consulting

A group of projects focused on providing expert consultation on technology and strategy around fisheries management, electronic monitoring, and traceability. We continue to work with many global organizations, from government agencies and NGOs to solution providers, on navigating the complex domain of sustainability strategy and management.

  • Cross domain experience brings deep expertise combined with a fresh perspective and innovative approaches
  • Our team of data experts, strategy consultants, and engineers brings a comprehensive approach to understanding sustainability challenges and various solution approaches


  • The Nature Conservancy
  • World Wildlife Foundation
  • Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency
  • CEA Consulting

Evaluation Tool for Ocean Health Initiatives

Develop and implement a custom internal tool to more effectively capture, filter, identify, and track ideas and initiatives seeking funding for improving global ocean health.

  • Replacement of a spreadsheet-based idea repository
  • Efficiently capture and track ideas from ideation to funding
  • Evaluate proposals against specified criteria for positive impact
  • Provide a unique offering that focuses on the ideas and impact over traditional investment management


  • Oceankind

Sustainability Practice Leads

  • Sarah Robinson

    Sr. Data Scientest & Steward

  • JT Mudge

    Director Data Strategy & Foresight

  • Eric Fultz

    Sr. Software Engineer

Our values - Balancing reliability and innovation

We aim to remain at the cutting edge of evolving trends and technologies. While the newest innovations may capture attention, our focus is on providing our clients with the most dependable and optimal solutions.

  • Meticulous
    We pride ourselves on a meticulous approach, rigorously analyzing every detail to ensure optimal solutions tailored to each client's specific needs.
  • Efficient
    productOps is renowned for its efficiency, swiftly delivering data-driven insights and solutions that streamline client operations.
  • Adaptable
    We excel in adaptability, seamlessly evolving our strategies to align with emerging trends and client objectives.
  • Honest
    Anchored in honesty, productOps ensures transparent communication and genuine recommendations in every client interaction.
  • Loyal
    We are deeply committed to loyalty, building lasting relationships and consistently prioritizing the long-term success of its clients.
  • Innovative
    productOps thrives on innovation, continuously balancing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies redefining industry standards with reliability our clients expect.

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